The H Factor

Concerning Hillary’s logo, it makes you wonder with the challenges facing America why everybody seems to care so much about a logo. In my world though, there’s a fascination with even the most minute sign of incompetency in the campaign.hillary logo

So here’s my two cents. I suppose it makes sense to use an “H” for Hillary to copycat Obama’s “O” since she lost to him in 2008, but perhaps it goes too far. The forward arrow reminds me of Obama’s campaign theme in 2012; “Forward.” While replicating Obama may help energize Democrat donors, I’m not so sure America wants to move “Forward” in 2016.

I then heard a more comical critique; the arrow is pointing to the right to suggest that Hillary will be more conservative. Now that truly would be a disaster since Hillary first has to energize the gazillion of liberal Democrat donors who financed the Obama campaign online.

There is one other possibility. Some anonymous graphic artist was told to design an easy to recognize simple logo that can work regardless of where it’s used. Today, that artist is curled up in a corner in a deep depressive state, because this Picasso was completely unaware that his prized piece of art would be be lampooned and heralded as the first symbol of what was supposed to be a historic campaign that faltered from the very start due to the weak shades of blue used, and he was only seeking to be unique.

(Since first writing the above graph, I have learned that the logo was designed by Michael Beirut of Pentagram: (

From my perspective, designing logos is the most miserable task of a campaign. Nobody is ever 100% happy, and the greatest logos ever designed never see the light of day. Why? Because everyone on the campaign team, including the candidate and spouse, is suddenly a graphic artist phenom and through countless tweaks and slight adjustments in the quest of perfection, great logos diminish into awkwardness.

My guess is that husband Bill was heavily involved in the latest Clinton logo, but Hillary could have cared less and didn’t give it a second thought as she ponders her solutions for the Middle Eastern crisis in Yemen. That, my friends, would be one of her finer qualities. (So there you have it; I said something kind about Hillary!)

– F.H.

This post was originally published on Fount Holland’s political strategy blog.