When Red turns Blue in Oklahoma, it’s a Matter of the Heart!

munson dadOklahoma Democrats are gleeful, and should be.

They turned blue a state House seat in a region solidly red for a half century or more.

Republicans are mourning, pointing fingers, spinning and explaining.

Since pundits have already over-analyzed the loss by the longtime Republican stalwart Chip Carter to that young Democrat rising star Cyndi Munson, I’ll refrain from adding too much to what has already been said.

There are countless reasons a candidate wins and loses, and often, the consultant or party operatives could have done little to overcome the obstacles.

In 2006, the late Representative David Dank came within a hair of losing that same seat to another young Democrat female?

That GOP-win-that-almost never-was caught my attention at the time. Dank was replacing his wife, the beloved Odilia who had held the GOP stronghold for 12 long years. Republican turnout in Oklahoma County was dismal that year, too.

But Munson and her team still deserve much credit.

While political insiders are out of style, Munson is a fresh and new face and definitely has the ‘wow’ factor. I also felt my heart tug when I opened Facebook the day after the election and saw Munson embracing her father who served our country in the military.

I teared a little because the American dream was on full display. A minority from a single parent home had worked really hard, and she and Dad were experiencing that special moment when the thrill of victory takes hold.

Munson’s story was unique, heartfelt and right for the times.

Congratulations to Munson, and to the Democrat operatives who ran her campaign with energy and precision.

This post was originally published on Fount Holland’s political strategy blog.


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